DIY gifts that you can give on Holy Communion


There was a time when traditional First Communion gifts like Holy Bible, Rosary, ruled the roost, but nowadays, adding a personal element has become mandatory. Adding her name and date has become a matter of past, the people today try to create their own gifts to surprise the little girl/boy.

Why DIY gifts?

Well, there is plethora of options available in the market, but it is preferable to make your own gift for the special day rather than gifting her with trinkets from the nearby store. DIY gifts are more meaningful and suit the event. So, if in case you have a First Communion ceremony coming up, here are some favors that you can create on your own.

Sugar cookies

Which child doesn’t love cookies and if you have a special talent in baking, then it is the best bet. You can design it in different ways and coat it with the edible pearl icing.

Painted terra cotta pot and seeds

If you are creative, why not paint a pot and pack it along with the seeds so that they can plant and grow flowers. This memento will last in child’s memory for years to come. You can paint the white points with blue ribbons entangled to it.

Yarn wrapped candles

The candles are the appropriate gifts for the First communion event and you can use it at home too. The tall candles are the perfect décor piece for any house. You can decorate the candles with yarn from top to bottom and then attach a commemorative tag with name and date tag attached to it to make the event special.

Champagne Flute candles

Are you thinking about giving your loved ones candles that look distinct and more appropriate for the First communion. In that case, you can make champagne flute candles instead. There are several websites that provide you the fair idea on how to make it from scratch and also suggest you some alternative concepts suitable for the occasion.

Cute wood DIY communion card

Have you ever heard about this? Well, making this intricate craft could be challenging but worth trying for. It is a beautiful card with Communion images at the backdrop of the floral paper. It could make a great keepsake. It is one among the best holy communion gifts.

Sweet treat

This is one of the holy communion gifts that the child will be really interested in it. But that’s not all, secretly in the middle of the jar you can stash some money or a gift card from a reputed store and they won’t know about it until they open the candy jar or you can give them a hint to make them feel more excited for the gift. Also click to know more about communion shoes, communion veils and communion accessories.

A special message

You can gift her carousel with special message embedded on it I hope the event becomes special and add the best wishes. You can then include the snapshots of the First Communion and it would be a thoughtful gesture. This gift would definitely make you stand tall among the list of the guests.