How To Host A Boat Party

Yachts are regarded as one of the most exotic venues for hosting parties because of the picturesque backdrop that it entails. The natural beauty that comes as a package deal goes unrivaled in most occasions. To top it off, organizing a yacht party is not an exhausting task either. As long as you have your yacht locked down for the scheduled date, you can organize an extravagant party just like you will do at any other venue. Hence, to support you with your Vancouver cruises, we have a few steps to follow to host a spectacular party.

1. Send Your Invites In Advance

As we often say, when it comes to parties the more merrier. Therefore, prepare your lists and send out the invites in advance so that your guests can RSVP on time. This will help you know the exact guest count, and that will make it easier for you to sort out your budget for the event along with the relevant logistics. You can plan the seating arrangements beforehand and also avoid ordering excessive food and beverages.

2. Select A Theme For Your Yacht Party

When it comes to dinner cruises Vancouver, people often think of ocean-themed or nautical themed parties. But you are not bound to stick to those two themes. You can choose a theme of your preference and decorate to your heart’s desire. This will add color to your night while also avoiding any unnecessary chaos.

3. Make A List Of Fun Activities For The Night

Fun activities are major score points for a party to be a success. After all, no one wants to go to a boring party with no excitement. Thus, once you decide on your theme, list down all the fun activities that you can think of. Ask your friends, check on Google, and think creatively! You will find a lot of exciting activities to keep your guests on their toes all night. Moreover, if your budget permits, you can even hire the services of a professional entertainer to keep your guests enthralled throughout the party. Else, you can also opt to play good background music while letting your guests mingle with the crowd and socialize.

4. Choose Your Own Food And Beverages

Just because a yacht party sounds fancy, it does not mean that you have to serve your guests extravagant cuisine. It all depends on the budget, theme, guests, but more importantly, your preference. If you want to have a laid back party with outdoor music, finger food, and drinks, that is fine. But if you prefer serving your guests a whole buffet with a range of delicacies whipped up by an onboard chef, even that is all right. At the end of the day, it is your choice, and you can do as you prefer. Therefore, choosing the right food is important for corporate cruise meetings.

5. Focus On The Lights

Yacht parties are more often than not an evening or nighttime event. Hence, lighting is of utmost importance. As much as you do not want to overwhelm your guests on board with strong lights, you also do not want to leave them in the dark. By simply renting a yacht in Vancouver, you can see the real beauty of Vancouver. Therefore, look out for beautiful colors that match your theme. Be creative and unique with your lights. Plan for quality lighting systems that add value to your yacht party. You actually might be surprised by how much the internet can tell you about artistic lighting!

6. Let The Music Flow

Music is undoubtedly a must for parties, and that does not change just because the venue is a yacht. Accordingly, make sure that you have a good sound system on board that can play music throughout the event. If you do not have one, bring one on board. Either way, check whether it can be heard throughout the yacht. You can also consider live music. Everyone likes singing along to live music, especially at a party with good food and even better friends. But more importantly, look into the power sources and battery life. You surely do not want the music dying halfway through your party!

7. Make Sure That Everyone Is Safe.

Whatever said and done, at the end of the day, safety comes first. So while planning your private dinner cruise Vancouver, do not forget to stock up on the emergency and safety supplies. Check and recheck on the safety jackets, floatation devices, and the first aid kits. Furthermore, check with the Vancouver yacht rentals about the safety mechanisms and procedures they practice. Verify whether their vessels undergo regular maintenance. In addition to the above, you can be better prepared by checking the weather forecast for the night of the yacht party. Also, do not forget to keep your entire boat well lit during the party. However, if you need professional help with your party, do not hesitate to drop in at a professional yacht rental Vancouver.